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Think of us as the wizards who put the "bot" in "bottacular" and the "AI" in "AIn't no chatbot like mine!"

(yes, below are AI-generated images of some of us - because... why not?)
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How it started

Our story began in 2019 when we realized that humans are great.. but sometimes they need a little extra help to crush their goals.

Our founder, Liziana Carter, spent 2016-2018 building chatbots for her own online businesses. Back then, Messenger Marketing was like the Wild West, you could do all sorts of crazy things, (that would get your page banned by Meta in no time today)

In 2018 she dropped off and got a real job.. in the Microsoft space. After one year, she quit..

In 2019 she opened a chatbot agency building chatbots for local gyms and medspas. Bad move (covid decided)..

She went back to the drawing board, taught herself AI and went after DTC businesses..

There seemed to be a gap in that industry that could be filled with AI-powered chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM to drive sales.

How it's going

After months of hustling and a lot of "what's a chat box?"-questions, a first DTC business said yes to her pitch

Truth be told, they were wooed by a crazy guarantee she'd put on the table. In reality, she didn't know if her idea of using these chatbots to drive sales was going to work..

It did

The first Messenger chatbot she built made $103k in the first three weeks, organically

The client was blown away (Liz was too..)

From there, things got easier. Kinda..

Clients said yes more often. She hired contractors to do the work, while she got creative..

She came up with many ideas.. Most failed. Some didn't.

The few that hit it big, were built into a framework that now brings measurable, predictable results in the DTC space.

We drew media attention, got featured in Fast Company, Inc, Entrepreneur, etc.

And hired a strong team of wizards who believe in using technology to make a positive dint in the universe.

Why we do it

We're like detectives on the trail of eCommerce innovation, using our chatbots as the ultimate crime-fighting tool to solve the mysteries of the future of online shopping.

We've gotten good at this game, we love what we do (and it pays the bills..)

Seriously now.. there's no better industry to be in right now, than implementing automation and AI for a better life: yours, as the DTC brand manager, but more importantly, your shoppers'.

So, if you like what you see on this site, we'll hold your hand and pull all the levers to make the magic happen.

AKA, you sit back and relax, while we do all the heavy lifting, and implement the 20% that works in this space to save you the headache of figuring it out on your own.

(don't forget to scroll down this page to see how we really look like - we're human, we promise!)

The people who make it happen

The only thing smarter than our bots, is their creators..
Black and white image of a man looking at the camera
Jorge Sánchez
Head of Growth
A man looking at the camera posing with his arms crossed
Heb Watts
Head of Technology, AI and Machine Learning
Photo of a man looking at the camera and smiling
Dimz Baguio
Chatbot Developer
Photo of a woman smiling at the camera
Paola Berlanga
Operations Coordinator
Color photo of a man smiling at the camera
Stephanie Rollins
Account Manager
Color photo of a man looking at the camera and smiling
Elbano Morales
Chatbot Developer
Color photo of a man looking at the camera and smiling
Abdel El-Temtamy
Account Manager
Photo of a woman looking at the camera and smiling
Lee MacArthur
Chatbot Strategist
Photo of a woman looking at the camera and smiling
Peter Lessard
Chatbot Strategist
Photo of a woman looking at the camera and smiling
Liziana Carter
Founder and CEO