Frequently Asked Questions

What platform will the chat funnels be built on?

We've tried many platforms. The one that has the most functionality is Manychat. Plus, they have a great relationship with Meta, which places them at the forefront of everything new that's happening.

Is there a lock in contract?

We don't do lock in contracts. Our project is month by month.

Do you sell a software or a service?

We sell our expertise, aka everything we've learned in the chatbot space since 2016, in a nutshell. We plug into your business, we build it out, demonstrate results, then hand it over to you once it's built and optimized.

Do you only provide a 100% done for you service?

Mainly yes, but there is also the option of done with you if you would like us to train your internal team.

How much does your service cost?

We have different tiers of pricing depending on what you want to build specifically. If you're an eCommerce business doing over $500k/month and you get engagements on your socials (FB + IG), schedule a call and we'll walk you through a chatbot strategy, sample project timeline and our performance guarantee.

Do you only work with DTC brands?


How does your money-back guarantee work?

If you qualify to work with us, then we're 100% confident we'll get you results, so we'll carry all the risk. Meaning, if we don't get you results, or you're unhappy with anything in 30 days, you'll get a full refund + $1000 for wasting your time.

What other tools will I need?

You will need Manychat, Make (or Zapier) to sync to your email service provider, or other tools in your tech stack, and potentially Dialogflow if you're also implementing AI.

How long does a project last for?

The average customer builds a variety of use cases with us for ~6 months (some for 3 months, others for 9 months or more). It depends on your brand size and goals.

Are chat funnels only for automating customer support?

The primary purpose of automating your Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs is to capture leads and drive sales. They can also automate customer support.

Are chatbots built on Messenger and Instagram DM Meta compliant?

100%. We were one of few agencies in Meta's beta program in early 2021, testing Instagram DM with our clients, before Meta released it to the public.

How many clients do you work with?

We have capacity to take on 3-4 new clients/month and they need to meet a few conditions. When you schedule a call with us, we review your brand and if you qualify, we'll invite you to work with us.

If I don't qualify for your done for you service and guarantee, can I still work with you?

Yes, you can choose the done with you option, where we'll teach you everything that works in the eCommerce space so you can get results on your own.

How long will it take to have my first chat funnel up and running?

If your team is as fast as our team, a week.