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We had been looking into social media automation and monetizing our social engagement with chatbots.

After starting to work with Liz and her team, our first Messenger and Instagram DM chat funnel brought us 16,462 email addresses and 15,371 DM broadcast permissions in the first 3 weeks (the team whitelisted our account with Meta so we could start broadcasting via IG DMs ahead of everyone else).

Our first chat funnel hit $7,421/DAY by day 6 of launch at a 12.06% purchase rate. It's fantastic to see what we can do with our socials now!

When I saw that, I thought of our paid traffic.. why send our audience to the website, when we can send them to chat with us inside the DMs straight from an ad. I had an AHA moment when I realized we could use these types of ads for prospecting and let the chatbot collect emails and close the sales for us.

In the last 30 days, our chatbot conversion ads have had one of our highest ROAS and lowest cost per purchase. I'm excited to scale this experience.

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Chase Sagum
CMO at Viori
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I'd seen more and more brands take on chatbot marketing to monetize their socials, and we wanted to do the same.

We launched our Messenger and Instagram DM chat funnels about 7 weeks ago, and in the last 7 weeks, 14.6% of our total Shopify revenue was generated via the Messenger and Instagram DM chat funnels, converting at a 20.43% purchase rate.

In the meantime, we also launched Facebook chatbot ads, which are currently running steady at 4.88x ROAS and have the lowest cost per purchase of all our ads.

Working with Liz and her team has been AMAZING, I'm very very impressed by the level at which they've taken this technology. We now have a HUGE segment of customers who we can market to via DMs on FB & IG… The more channels we own as a brand, the more we grow. Highly recommend working with them if you're looking to stay ahead of the game

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Kaleb Mattice
CMO at Gains in Bulk
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Liziana is absolutely brilliant and I am extremely pleased with the results.

The conversion rates are unbelievable - right now sitting at 25.11% and have ranged between 21-26% from the beginning!
Given that we’re heavily invested in paid traffic, you can imagine what a 25% conversion rate is worth.

The ChatBot has generated over $70k from Aug 1 with only $2k in FB ad spend.

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Michele Drielick
CEO at AgelsssLX
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We were looking for a new untapped sales channel and we felt Facebook and Instagram DM Automation would be an interesting avenue to explore.

Liz's team fully conceptualized, built, and deployed our first chat funnel in a week, and it brought us an 8% increase in total sales through our Shopify store in the first 30 days, 6.3k email addresses, and 4.4k people joining our DM lists.

They also had us whitelisted with Facebook for Instagram DM broadcast lists which is in closed beta right now, so now we have another channel to push our offers through, a channel most DTC brands don't even know of. If you're on the fence about implementing this new technology, I suggest a chat with Liz's team: they know the game, they move fast, and they guarantee their results.

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Narineh Bedrossian
CEO at Ella+Mila
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We hired Liz's agency to help convert Messenger into a sales channel, after several previous attempts over past years with other partners. I was immediately impressed by the attention to detail they took to understand our customer, and our products when building out our automation.

60 days after launch, our Messenger automation hit $3k/day, 82% automated, one campaign getting a 14% purchase CVR. It also saved resources from our internal team handling DMs from customers. I highly recommend GrowAI if you're looking for quality, fast results with Facebook Messenger marketing.

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Eric Polatty
VP of eCommerce at SNOW Teeth Whitening
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We were stuck at 0.8x ROAS and we were looking into Manychat and a way to use automation to run paid traffic to Messenger and get back to at least 1.37 ROAS, so we could scale.

After working with Liz and her team, we not only got approved into Meta's closed beta program to start broadcasting to our followers via DMs but we also got 6,319 users on our DM list and collected 6.633 new email addresses in our first 30 days.

Now our chatbot ads to Messenger are doing 4.74x ROAS on TOF. We're driving paid traffic into Messenger and letting the chatbot convert those leads. It presents them with offers and follows up on them over the course of a few weeks to convert them if they don't buy, by giving them more value, answering questions, or testing out different offers.

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Doug Taylor
CEO at Taylor Chip
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GROW AI deployed our first DM funnel within two weeks after signing with them; with minimal support from our internal team, they generated conversions as of day one. Our first campaign generated $35K in revenue and collected over 5.5K  emails within the first 30 days at 84.8% automation. They handled everything, from inception to optimizations, maintained constant communication, and provided updates frequently.

The team mapped out a tailored strategy for our business that would deliver high levels of personalization to our audience and developed all the sales funnel logic and technology that sits behind it. Moreso, Liz’s team monitors every single DM conversation that our chatbot has with our audience and optimizes it daily to improve the user experience with each future interaction, only escalating the most complex conversation to our CX/social teams.

If you’re looking for the right partner to help you start more conversations and scale your communication efforts while driving incremental revenue via Meta chat systems (FB Messenger/IG DM), I highly recommend having a chat with Liz and her team!

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Sarina Rubin
Sr. Director of Marketing at Vegamour
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Liz's team has been extremely helpful to our company!

Our Messenger email flow generated the highest revenue beating all our other email flows. Haven't seen ROI this big in all of our other channels!

With TOF, the Messenger email flow had groundbreaking delivery and brought the most revenue of all our email flows, of all time. It outperformed all our other email campaigns from a delivery standpoint, cost per recipient, and overall revenue generated.

What was even more interesting to me was the number of emails we collected with our first chat funnel, via both Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. We brought in 2260 emails in the first month, at a 94.89% collection rate. This is a massive piece of potential business we will convert down the track.

Wouldn't think twice about recommending GROW AI. This is a new technology and the competition is inexistent right now, particularly at the level GROW AI does it. As we faced stagnation within our e-commerce business, the addition of a brand new channel in collaboration with Grow AI helped us regain our momentum in a very short time.

Two years from now, everyone will do chatbot marketing, I'd even argue every respectable business will have to have an in-house chat marketing team. It's just a matter of who jumps on it first and captures their chatbot subscribers. We're all competing for the same attention, this is how you capture attention and turn it into leads, sales and loyal customers.

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Mees Teeuwen
CMO at Bavaria Trachten
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I wish we'd done this sooner. Liziana's structure, setup, and turnaround times are unreal. We drove $3.36M via DM automation in our first year working together. Liz designed and deployed 10s of pre-purchase, post-purchase evergreen + time-sensitive campaigns for us. This is a channel that brings so much retention as well as new customers.

As an established eCommerce brand, you need to realise that there’s only so much you can get done in house and if you try to do it yourself, you’re probably not going to perfect it fast enough. When you hire an expert, that’s where you get your efficiency and effectiveness at the same time.

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Ronak Shah
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Before GROW AI’s chatbot system, we were driving under $1k/month through our FB & IG DMs. After Liz’s team built their framework, our DMs drove $12.6k in the first 30 days, 96.7% automated. A 12x increase in our organic social sales, with close to no bandwidth from our side. We drove traffic to our DMs from our posts, stories, email, SMS, website, BIO, capturing and nurturing our leads through meaningful conversations.

Shortly after, our two chatbots were driving 35% of our total emails collected across all our platforms (socials, and website).

And since Instagram DM Broadcasts is still in closed Beta with Meta now, Liz approved our brand to join the closed beta with Meta. We can now broadcast at scale to our audience, educating them around our content, announcing new products or flash sales.It's incredible to use this new technology to have thousands of conversations with our followers at the same time, with no human intervention, building better relationships with them and converting them into our customers.

I believe this technology is the future, but businesses don't know what's possible with it yet. Can’t recommend Liz’s team enough. They’re experts in the space, that give your their full attention and move fast to drive results.

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Natalie Dickens
Marketing Manager at Vanity Planet
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We're an indigenous-owned business on a mission to foster cultural appreciation and create positive change within indigenous communities. We wanted to find a way to connect with our community on a more personal level, to share our vision, but at the same time sell our clothing line that combines Anishinaabe culture and streetwear fashion design.

Liz's team mapped out a strategy for us and helped us not only educate our audience around our mission by creating conversational experiences right in our Facebook and Instagram DMs but also sell our products.

When we started working together, we were doing a little over $50k/month.

The team worked with us to deploy a chat funnel that aligned with our mission. Our audience loved it.

The first week from launch, our website CVR went up from 2.17% to 2.79%.

Three weeks later we were doing $700/day and 4 weeks after launch we had our first $1000 day through the FB and IG DM chatbots.

We have so many ideas around new chat funnels we can now deploy to help us build further audience-to-brand relationships and grow our revenue.

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Sean Rayland-Boubar
CEO at Red Rebel Armour
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We appreciated how detail-oriented Liz and her team were. They did an incredible job and worked so fast! Went above and beyond for us, especially in understanding us and our customer. And the mock-up videos of each campaign demonstrated the end-user experiences in an easy-to-digest way. It was a wonderful experience from beginning to end.

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Amanda Morris
Marketing Manager at SugarBearHair
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GROW AI conceptualized a fantastic strategy for our social audience, deploying a first chat funnel on Messenger and Instagram DM that took off at a crazy 28.57% purchase CVR. They built in sales logic and set up multiple entry points (we didn't even know existed) that pulled our audience into the chat funnel, nurturing it through to the sale automatically. Liz's team handled everything. All we had to do was approve the strategies and funnels before being deployed.

They also got us whitelisted with Meta to broadcast BFCM 2022 via IG DM to our audience, which is something a handful of brands were able to do. We're beyond excited to be able to nurture our customers in such an innovative way and highly recommend Liz's team if you're looking to convert your social channels into sales channels and be one step ahead of your competition.

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Jennifer Jane
CMO at Proper Good
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We're getting hundreds of comments on our ads and needed a way to automate them while building relationships with our audience and scaling with less friction or CS effort. GROW AI built a system that helped us automate all the comments on our ads, reply to comments automatically, and pull our audience into Messenger and Instagram DM chat funnels that convert at 59.1% CVR.

We can now deliver on-demand, real-time experiences at a click of a button, with close to no human support. And using GROW AI's proven sales logic, our chat funnels retarget our leads for free, following up on them in the DMs if they don't purchase and pivoting the conversation to a different offer based on the insight collected.

I cannot recommend GROW AI enough. They are a fantastic team who works fast and deliver the best in this space.

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Jenn Murray
COO at Fixe Beauty
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The thing that was most interesting to me about GROW AI was how to engage our social followers more. There was this giant section of our followers that I thought, how do we find out more about them and how do we engage with them in a more effective way? And I really loved what GROW AI offered in terms of the chatbots that gave us a chance to not only grow our lists but get to know them, in what really is a very intimate setting.

The results were tremendous. Our email capture rate was 98% which was really mind-blowing compared to our email pop up on our website, which is 2%.

Having this whole follow-up flow where we were sharing our products with them, where we were asking questions, where they were needing to engage back. And I loved what that did because it started building a relationship with these people.

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Strip MakeUp
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We were mind-blown that out of every hundred people that landed on the chatbot, 27 of them purchased! Just incredible.

The reason why we signed with GROW AI is because we had a problem where the business wasn't growing to where we wanted it to grow, and we started to get a little bit of a plateau in results.

The offer bot that we started is at a 27% conversion rate, which is just staggering. I had to double-check, to be honest with you, with the results to make sure that's exactly what it was, and I've actually installed attribution trackers to make sure, and it's still showing me that the bots are performing far superior to anything else.

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Dense Hair Experts
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The biggest pain point for most businesses is trying to diversify where traffic is coming from, where purchases are coming from. And most Meta-driven businesses, that's where the struggle is, and this is an opportunity to take any lead capture you do on the Meta side, any followers you get, and really squeeze the juice from there.

We launched many ideas with GROW AI: AI chatbots, share finder quizzes, and from our first chat funnel, we had a 90% email capture rate and 12% purchase rate.

I couldn't recommend GROW AI enough!

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When I saw GROW AI's conversion rate numbers I thought, anything that's 10x better than what I'm currently getting absolutely is either a scam or it has to be done right now. And sure enough, I found out that it is, in fact, a real thing.

From a UX perspective, it's very, very engaging. Our chat funnels are giving us a 25 to 30% conversion rate. And we're now pivoting almost all of our ads to direct to chat funnels instead of straight to our website because it's capturing emails at a 100% conversion rate right now. So for us to send our ad traffic, organic and paid traffic anywhere but chat funnels is a complete waste of money.

I think if you're an e-commerce business owner, regardless of what stage you're at, chat funnels are the new email as the bedrock of e-commerce owned marketing channels. And in my view, 95% of our customer base has originated from Meta platforms. And you're going to be 10 times more effective on Meta as an acquisition channel with chat funnels than without. And I truly think if I had to give up email, SMS, or chat funnels, chat funnels would be the last to go.

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Our biggest thing, because we have a higher ticket item, is email. If we can get more emails, it's super important for us and our marketing.

Our success rate has been just for capturing emails, 97 almost 98% from the chatbot, and to us, that's a lot. The EXTRA has been the fact that it's been converting for us.

Being able to nurture someone in a fresh way, which is what GROW AI is offering, is really why we're doing this. GROW AI really does care about its customers and they're an extension of our marketing.

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Seat Cover Solutions
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When we saw GROW AI's offering we were like, 'Wow, if this does what it says it can do. This is a no-brainer.' Because we looked at other options, like if we were to hire somebody to do this or hire somebody to do that, what the offset cost would be.

We we looking at increasing sales, but also reaching more people in a more conversational way on the platforms. We've been talking with a lot of folks that told us how Meta was changing, its interaction policies. And we obviously want to reach more people and know that we hear what they're saying and that we're engaging with them.

We've seen an impressive 22% sales rate, purchase rate through using the GROW AI. You can't ignore the fact that the money invested to start has already been paid back and then some. 

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Proof Syrup
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Liz showed us that because we have the social media, that was an asset that was dormant within our followers. By using DMs, I got a chance to activate them and get them to join my email list and Liz basically came to us and said ‘You're sitting on a goal mine’ that we didn't even understand.

We built a list of 19,000 people that have gave us permission to send them a DM, as a free push notification, and when we sent the first push notification, 9,000 out of 19,000 people on our list opted into our program.

If you're looking to work with this team as a chatbot agency, you are in good hands. One of the things I really appreciated through my work through Liz is just the amount of caring that she had for the results, so I would jump on that first conversation and you will be amazed at the results that you're going to get.

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Teal Swan Team
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I signed with GROW AI because I believe in this technology, I follow a bunch of brands who use it and the numbers speak for themselves.

The results have been great. We've seen 20% conversion rates, were up 50% on that. The order value went up 20% from $41 to $51. The number of touchpoints, the number of leads we get, email addresses and most importantly, just knowing who's actually interested from these platforms, through a very low commitment-type touchpoint is just incredible.

We can do so much with that data, continue feeding other systems that close the sale. It's not always about just the sale.

If you're considering GROW AI, you're talking to the best and I don't hire many people to do these types of things, but I've been very pleased with GROW AI. I think this is the future.

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I was very skeptical of what was being claimed. But to myself, I thought, well, if I can get 10% of what they're claiming, I'd already be happy. I’m now getting a 15% conversion rate, which is unheard of.

My average order value’s gone from $110 to close to $150.  The process has been eye-opening.

My experience has been incredible. And if you're not exploring the space, I think you're missing out on something very big. I feel it’s very nascent, so you'd definitely be among the first movers. GROW AI is really doing something that I haven't seen before and the level of service is fantastic.

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Conscious Copper
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I've never seen another company with testimonials that strong that seemed to solve the biggest problem that I was facing in our business.

We have a 13% conversion rate on just organic. That's absolutely incredible.

GROW AI team is absolutely incredible, on top of everything, the best suggestions that I know I never would have thought of. So I just know I'm surrounded by and taken care of with experts and it just feels really good.

If I could just come through the computer and shake anybody who's on the fence I would because in my first 30 days I've already referred four other companies. I’m that impressed. So if you're on the fence, you're crazy and you're missing out. There's no other expert like Liz in this business, get off the fence and get with GROW AI.

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Adley Kinsman @viralish
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I’ve been looking for an alternative source to speak to our customers. Everybody was in the lane of advertising. I want to be on the forward-thinking path and when it comes to socks we have a unique relationship to be a part of people's everyday lives and it's very personal to me being a third generation sock manufacturer. My family's been making them for 80 years and I wanted to take it to that next level to see how I can engage with potential customers or customers without trying to be salesy. I had found that chatbots could do that and I can basically check every goal that I want.

The results have been amazing. The email collections have blown my mind. The customer interactions have blown my mind, how much they engaged just to talk about socks has been exceeded my expectations. The 22% purchase rate in these chat funnels that's going to put a smile on anybody's face if they're in business.

We're eight months into a potential market disruptor program with inside Meta. I brought up what I'm doing with GROW AI and it kind of blew them away. In fact, they had said they wish other advertisers did it, especially the bigger ones. They probably understand because they have more insight than most people of where it's going and what the future holds.

If you're on the fence about working with GROW AI, just do it, it's the future. If you don't, then you're left behind trying to catch up. I don't mean that in a like a dire way but it is the truth. Technology is advancing so fast in three years, if you don't do something you could be 10 years out trying to catch up.

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Crazy Compressions
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I signed with GROW AI because my conversion rates were low and I need a way to figure out how to acquire customers and data at a better price.

My main focus was capturing emails because a third of our revenue comes from backend channels, from Klaviyo and Postscript, and we're capturing 96% of the people that are getting into the chatbot funnel, that's pretty amazing!

If you are an e-commerce brand, you're probably having a hard time with acquiring a customer because CPAs are very high and so you need to figure out a way how to lower CPA. I have a bazillion things running that are that are working on lower my CPA and this is one of them. I see with this chatbot funnel there's multiple touchpoints versus someone going to your website and they're just falling off into oblivion.

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Western Welder
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In February 2024, we decided to implement Instagram DM automation, and in the first 90 days of working with GROW AI, we increased our total Shopify revenue by 67% just from Instagram. Due to our organic success, GROW AI has now taught us how to run Meta chatbot ads, which are currently getting an 8x ROAS and scaling

We had already heard great things about Manychat, we just didn't have the knowledge to learn how to install it. So we wanted a team that would be able to manage this and that was knowledgeable, and so far honestly I knew from the get-go since it was a women-owned company, that it was going to be a great experience. I honestly put all my efforts in working with women because I know that we have great results.

The GROW AI team is honesty a delight, very on top of everything, very creative, highly recommend GROW AI!

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Vanna Belt
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We've seen over a 21% conversion rate for visitors who signed up through Instagram and through our DM contests. And it was amazing. We went from 1-10 comments on each post on Instagram and social media. We got almost 4000 comments, a little over 4000 actually, on our first GROW AI campaign, and it's just been growing since then.

Working with Liz and her team has been absolutely outstanding. Her staff is quick to respond to us. They really know their stuff. And they've just been awesome to work with. So I think the results speak for themselves, but I would definitely encourage anybody to work with GROW AI and I think they'd be very happy.

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Manly Bands
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We signed with GROW AI because this is another channel we want to own and operate. It’s our communication with our customers.This seemed like a natural emerging area that we wanted to participate in.

When we signed we paid upfront for everything, so a key thing was understanding ROI, and if we were going to make our money back. Within the first month, that was clearly the case.We made $31,000 just off the first two posts, our purchase rate is 19% (I wish I could get that on all our channels) and we had a 41% increase in organic reach so far.

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