5 Simple Steps to Build Manychat Facebook and Instagram Chatbot Systems that Sell-Like-Crazy Organically

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A Manychat developer and a chatbot work together to create Facebook and Instagram funnels that sell like crazy

As the only chatbot agency that's developed our proprietary Meta-compliant chatbot retargeting system to follow up on people for free, over months, if they interact with a brand and don't buy..

We're about to reveal the system that's reshaping eCommerce!

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most valuable selling channels, with many businesses allocating serious budgets to their ads..

(but overlooking the organic potential)

Most don't know Facebook and Instagram DM automation is possible

Others think it's not Meta-compliant..

..but it is.

Facebook Messenger automation became compliant in 2016

Instagram DM automation in late 2021

So, how does this all work?



Using a tool like Manychat, which can support both rule-based and an AI chatbot, you're going to automatically DM people every time they:

  • click a button on your website, or email, or SMS blast
  • click or comment on your paid ads
  • comment on your organic posts, or reels, or LIVE videos
  • reply to your stories, or mention you in their stories
  • engage with an influencer account that promotes your brand
  • or simply try to DM any of your pages


After that, you'll build a chatbot system that drives sales for you by:

  • starting value-driven conversations
  • understand where buyers drop off and why
  • and based on that, make decisions on what different offers to test that lead to checkout

This chatbot system is built and deployed in 5 steps, each step stacking upon the previous one to increase the overall performance of the entire system when it's finished.

A chart for a 5 step process on how Instagram and Facebook chatbots are built

Step 1: Amplify interest: Kickstart Your Chatbot Ecosystem

You will first deploy a minimum viable chatbot that has one purpose only: amplify interest in our brand.

All you want to achieve with this first step is to get as many people as possible into your chatbot ecosystem..

The beautiful thing is if you lead with value,

  • you'll get a 95% email collection rate inside your chatbot,
  • you'll sync all those emails to your email service provider in real-time,
  • your chatbot will also trigger an email sequence to complement the conversation it had with the user, (so now, you're instantly in front of your audience via two channels: DMs and email)
  • and finally, it will follow up a few times, over the next few days, to see how it can help users progress faster to checkout.
A screenshot on how chatbots respond via comments to incoming leads

And even though your chatbot at this stage is still a rookie, with its capacity to automate interactive conversations, it’ll still convert 10% of this initial chatbot audience into purchasers. Not bad huh?

Word to the wise: at this point of the process, you need to employ a strong and seamless bot-to-human handover,

Meaning, making it very easy for your chatbot to hand over conversations to your human team (by opening tickets via Gorgias, Zendesk, or simply sending notifications to your CS team), when people want to chat with a human

This way, your chatbot will handle 85% of the conversations, your human team 15%, and your audience is happy as a clam at high tide.

Step 2: CPA Decline: Leveraging Organic Traffic to Boost Conversions

Now your chatbot gets more knowledgeable, bit by bit, so it’s time to focus on Cost Per Acquisition decline.

You'll leverage all your organic traffic to capture more people into conversations that convert at least 20% of these people into shoppers.

Remember we said we could pull people into conversations, every time they engage with your website, paid ads, or organic content?

Let's take an example.

Here you have a story where you ask people to reply with a specific keyword (DEAL for example) in exchange for some tantalizing offer.

Immediately as they reply, your chatbot DMs them and takes over the conversation.

Then, to get their discount code or any other added value, they need to confirm or type their email address:

Screenshot of how you can feed your leads a keyword via Instagram stories for them to interact with your chatbot

Here's the trick with 1-on-1 conversations..

You'll want to make it as personalized as you can with the information that you have around the user.

Right now, you don't have a lot, and you don't know their interests, but they did just give you their email address.

A screenshot showcasing how a chatbot can check your email list to see if a lead has come in previously

So your chatbot, who can easily manage subscriber data, now takes that email, goes to your email service provider, checks their history, and sees that this user has been on our email list for two months, but hasn't purchased yet.

So, it made the decision to come back and give them a totally different offer than it would give to users who are new to the brand.

At the same time, it triggered an email sequence, complementing the conversations inside the chatbot (remember step 1? You're now in front of them via two channels: email + DMs)

So.. it may seem like this is where the conversation ends..

The user gets an offer, now they have to go buy, right?


Only 2-4% of these users usually buy (think of your eCommerce website CVR rate, how much is it? Exactly!)

If you relied on this, the only way to bring people back and get more of them to purchase is by paying for retargeting ads to chase them around the internet

(with no guarantee of actually bringing them back)

You want 15%-20%-and even 30% of these people to buy!

And this is where your chatbot system steps in.

Your chatbot will sit in the background and wait for a purchase.

If that purchase doesn't come,

It'll start following up on them over days, weeks, and even months, starting value-driven conversations that educate them, test our different offers to understand why they're not buying, and eventually, help them progress to checkout..

A screenshot with a chatbot's messages

With each subsequent attempt at reaching out, your chatbot will be trained to keep following up with more value (tutorials, facts, reviews of your products, how-tos) or maybe offer to help and connect the potential customer to your human team.

You can build this sales logic as softly or as aggressively as you want.

This is called chatbot retargeting. It's Meta-compliant and loved by every DTC brand out there that's implemented this system.

It stops when a purchase is made, or the user stops it.

Step 3: LTV Ascension: Upselling through Intelligent Chatbot Interactions

Remember in step #2, all those follow-ups stop on purchase?

Well, this allows you to, the moment someone places their order, trigger an upsell.

It can be triggered immediately or after hours, days, or even months.

You can even simply follow up to see how they’re enjoying their product, push a repeat purchase, offer a subscription, or whatever makes sense for your brand.

A screenshot showcasing how chatbots can reach out via Instagram

Obviously, if you ask them “Are you happy with your product?” and they answer no, you don’t try to push another purchase.

In that case, your chatbot can connect them to your human team, so they figure out what went wrong or how to help the customer.

Step 4: CX Elevation: Improving Customer Experience with an Automated Touch

At this point, you want to focus on customer experience and how chatbots can make their journey with your brand better and better with each future interaction.

A very basic example of this is building an FAQ system in your DMs that gets your chatbot to answer questions instantly, reducing wait time by 99% and giving answers on the spot 24/7.

While answering those FAQs, your chatbot will also make sure it provides additional value by connecting them with your human team if they aren't able to answer a question:

Another use case you can stack on top of this, is when people come to your Facebook or Instagram Direct Messages, email, or Website and ask the question "Where's my order?"

I bet your team "loves" that question..

You can get your chatbot to grab their order number and the email they used to place that order, go to your store, look up their order status, come back and give it to them.

And as always, if that’s not enough or they want more help, your chatbot can connect them to your human team.

Step 5: The Power of True Personalization: Crafting Tailored Recommendations with Your Chatbot

Top of the game: true personalization. An example of this is building a complex recommendation quiz or product finder.

Three screenshots showing the steps a chatbots takes towards true personalization

Your chatbot will start asking questions when engaging potential customers via DMs in order to understand their interests, where they are, and based on their interests, it'll design a personalized recommendation.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

Not only has your chatbot started to learn about them and their interests, putting in front of them a highly contextual recommendation to their current needs.

But, remember step #2, where your chatbot follows up on them over weeks and months until they buy?

The same thing happens here, but now, every future interaction is going to be so much more personal, because now the chatbot knows what they want, and it can choose to only present them with products and offers that cater to their personal needs.

At the same time, any email sequence the chatbot decides to trigger to complement this conversation will also contain the same personalized touch.

Don’t forget! The follow-ups should be 80% value driven and 20% trying different offers because Instagram and Facebook are very personal channels, and you don’t want to spam people.

The Verdict: Supercharge Your Sales with Facebook & Instagram Chatbots

In a nutshell, our five-step method of setting up Facebook and Instagram chatbots with Manychat is your golden ticket to exponential eCommerce growth, sans the big ad spend.

The process is simple, yet the impact is massive.

And we didn't even talk about the very best! AI chatbots and how sprinkling a bit of AI can turn bots even more intelligent. We'll talk about that later!

End of the day, this automated sales assistant works tirelessly, all around the clock, providing a seamless user experience, boosting conversions, and finally - making your brand stand tall in the crowded eCommerce arena.

Just as we’ve promised - a sales system that sells like crazy, organically!

And no indecipherable "Is it the same language model as.." and "How do I download the desktop version?" questions. This is pure money-making, streamlined goodness.

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