Automated DMs for Instagram: the game-changing system

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Remember when Instagram was only about sharing cool pictures of yourself chock full of filters and cute pet videos?

Yeah, me neither.

Nowadays, Instagram has developed into a formidable and essential tool for connecting companies and consumers, sometimes with an influencer liaison, and sometimes directly with brands of all kinds.

Both existing and future customers can find and follow brands, as well as like and comment on content and send them direct messages.

And a lot of those brands are missing the gigantic dollar sign stapled on the front of the IG app.

Wait, what?

How exactly would posting or talking to people on Instagram help you make more money?

Much to learn you still have, young Padawan.

Look, social media has changed quite a bit in the last few years, but the essentials have stayed the same.

Sharing engaging material on Instagram is half the battle won.

However, as soon as you get your potential customer's attention, you need to guide them through your sales funnel as fast and simply as possible, and for that, you need the proper tools.

The bottom line is, by using Automation for your Instagram Direct Messages, you can guide hundreds of customers directly from their inbox to the checkout page, at the same time, even while you take your beauty nap.

Automation solutions can help you at every level of the sales funnel, from chat conversation to content marketing to social media interaction, and will increase your chances of meeting your marketing and sales objectives.

On top of that, automating your Instagram account is a fantastic method to cut down on the workload for you and your staff.

Sound good?

In this blog, we'll examine the practical ways in which Instagram automated messages can increase lead conversion.

Or, to put it simply, Instagram DM automation goes ka-ching!

Let's get going.

Comments automation

Competitions and giveaways on Instagram are awesome, that's just a universal truth.

All Instagram users get excited and want to participate, and for that, Comments Automation inside a chatbot-building tool comes in handy.

For example, if you're holding a giveaway on Instagram and someone comments on the post, a Comments Automation tool will put them into the sweepstakes and keep track of their entry for you behind the scenes.

Then, your Instagram account replies to the participant with a direct message (DM) that includes more information, such as rewards and how to acquire multiple entries.

This usually has to do with following you, sharing the dynamic with more friends, or whatever other measure that boosts your Instagram signal that is it improves your profile's visibility in Instagram's search results.

Kind of obvious but it's always a good idea to encourage your followers to interact with your content by leaving comments and sending direct messages, and if this gets them more chances to win a giveaway, well, everybody is happy.

Automatically reply to Instagram stories

When Instagram followers comment on or react to one or more of your Stories, Instagram Direct Message automation makes it so that sending automated messages to those comments using the Story Reply trigger is quick and easy.

This function enables you to:

  • Tell your followers something special when they "react" to your Stories (by utilizing reaction emojis like 😍🤩🔥).
  • Specify a keyword or trigger for all answers in your automated Instagram message that will be sent when a follower comments on your story.

You can utilize this functionality in the following ways:

  • Invite viewers of your Stories to send you a direct message (DM) with a designated keyword to learn more, redeem a discount code, etc.
  • Respond to a user's reaction to one of your Stories by sending them a message with an offer or thanking them for connecting with your page. (Be sure to record how frequently people engage with your Stories for statistics' sake.)
  • Facilitate interaction by having a message sent in response to each comment on a Story.
  • Follow a new product announcement with a sequence of automated Direct Messages (DMs) designed to collect customer data and offer a direct buy link.

Instagram Story mentions

When an Instagram user tags your account in a Story using your Story Mentions trigger, you may automatically thank them or start a new conversation.

Not only does this show your appreciation for your Instagram followers and customers who promote your company by sharing your material, but it also raises brand awareness because their followers will see the message and possibly follow you as a result.

Because there's no better review than a friend saying a product is great, right?

Customer support is also made available by the Story Mentions trigger.

For example, following a Story Mention, your automated Instagram messages can ask a user if their experience was pleasant or negative, link them to a customer service representative if necessary, or give a coupon code for their next purchase.

Interacting with new and existing customers also allows you to collect their contact information, which you can later use to send them more personalized messages across all of your channels of communication.

You go multiplatform, baby.

Certain chatbot-building platforms also allow you to capture a user's phone number and email address, and if you connect your favorite CRM, you then retain that information for convenient follow-ups.

Customer satisfaction

The more customers you have, the more often you'll have to respond to their inquiries, solve their problems, and satisfy their needs in general.

I know, crazy right? Who would've thought?

However, having so many customers you don't even know what to do with them, is a freaking great problem to have.

Because these customer interactions can be managed using Instagram Automation, your team's time will suddenly be free to work on other, tougher problems, like solving who it is that keeps finishing the coffee and not refilling the pot.

Creating a customer care flow with your favorite chatbot-building platform that helps clients with their inquiries or problems is a really good place to start.

And the automation can come in a variety of forms, such as an interactive FAQ that responds to queries and directs users to resources that will help them solve their problems.

Automating your customer service process, offers customers fast assistance and information without employing more staff, so happy customers and happy brands.

Live chat is the parachute you need

But what if my chatbot goes rogue and decides to start building terminators?

I'm kidding! Although, Instagram automated messages are never 100% automated precisely because there are still instances where a human customer support agent is needed.

You know, the more complicated customer queries or one of those unique problems that require some human ingenuity to solve.

If it comes to that, there's absolutely no problem.

If a consumer has gone through your flow and is still in need of support, their information will be forwarded to a staff member who can provide them with specialized assistance via Live Chat.

Seamlessly and smoothly handled.

The Verdict: "Versatility" is your new chatbot's middle name

Automated Instagram Messages, what a beautiful combination of words, right?

Seriously though, the features that IG automation can include are true MVPs when it comes to assisting your brand in converting clients from your DMs to actual sales.

The profit that so many brands are missing right now is bonkers.

An Iphone screenshot showcasing an interaction with a chatbot on Instagram

The fact that you can automate customer care processes, messages, comments, responses, and Story mentions to increase conversions from your Instagram marketing efforts is something so many brands still do not know about or think is not compliant with IGs rules.

But we're here to tell you, yes! This is real, it's not just a desert mirage, that pool full of money is real and you can just jump in a la Scrooge McDuck!

So what are you waiting for?

More conversions with less effort? I see no downside to that arrangement.

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