Instagram Chatbots: How Social Comments Drive Sales

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A cute chatbot taking a picture of his holographic meal using an iPhone 4 and posting it on Instagram for millions to see

Social media has been around for a while now, and it's not leaving anytime soon.

As a matter of fact, it's just getting more popular.

Not only for scrolling but for business.

It's no secret companies are leveraging their Instagram pages to boost sales.

And a new wave surfacing is taking businesses on another route.

Ever since Meta announced that they'll be pushing direct messaging on all of their platforms, it's becoming more and more evident what the strategy should be.

Using automated responses, chatbot messages, Instagram messages, Instagram AI chatbots, or whatever you want to call it for lead generation and boosting sales.

It's a no-brainer. You save time and skyrocket your sales.

The post-pandemic world is a whole different ball game.

Things are changing constantly, and you need to reassess your marketing campaigns.

Time to wake up!

Things aren't slowing down anytime soon.

So, let's get into it.

Stop doing this with your Instagram account

The gist of lead generation with Instagram users often comes from running an account with quality content.

Then, you probably add a "link in bio" to your posts and stories, hoping potential customers will visit your sales page, subscribe to your email list and buy..

That's cute.

Everyone on the planet is doing that right now, and guess what?

It doesn't work anymore.

You gotta stop, my friend.

It's such a spammy and outdated strategy that people get 57% less engagement (on average) for adding "link in bio" to every single piece of content they post on their Instagram page. 

I'm even paranoid writing about it in case the SEO police decide to hide my blog post..

(why? because you're-taking-people-off-platform-and-META-hates-it)

That being said, there's a WAY more effective strategy to get your audience further into your funnel using Instagram DM bots.

(that is if you want new leads and more sales...)

Instagram chatbots respond to customers and drive sales for your business

Trust me, leveraging artificial intelligence to answer questions on Instagram is the secret sauce.

Haven't you ever heard of sliding into the DMs? (wink)

Well, it's not just for networking or dating.

And guess what? An AI chatbot can direct message people, too.

Or even use Facebook Messenger if you want it to.

That's it. The basic concept is setting up an Instagram chatbot to automatically answer your followers' questions (instead of doing it yourself).

You create bots directly linked to your account programmed to answer customer questions in a chat and respond according to your brand.

An Instagram page that posts quality content and has a killer chatbot flow is LETHAL.

Businesses are boosting sales like never before with this strategy.

Literally PRINTING cash.

But I know I haven't told you exactly how this works yet, so buckle up.

The future of lead generation and sales

Alright. So, every entrepreneur needs more time to grow their business, right?

Why not save time and use an Instagram chatbot to do the heavy lifting for you?

This is how it works:

You encourage users and followers to comment or message you a specific keyword, for example, "QUIZ"

Say people comment or message you the keyword ''QUIZ'' This will trigger the AI chatbot to auto-DM.

In other words, it automatically replies to the comment and starts a conversation with followers (AND non-followers!)

Here are some different ways you could start more automated conversations in the DMs:

  • Posts: ask your followers to comment "INFO" for more info, triggering a conversation within Instagram DMs;
  • Stories: instead of link stickers, you could say, “Message me the word DEAL for special deals";
  • Bio: add a call-to-action in your BIO that says, "DM me MYSTERY for a gift";
  • Ads: starts a DM conversation when someone comments or clicks on your paid ads.

And many other ways.. capturing people from your website, email blasts, SMS blasts, QR codes, etc.

Your Instagram chatbot grows your business easily (while you sleep)

Even when your Instagram bots don't make sales, it still works as a powerful lead-generation tool, automatically moving customers from a rented audience (social media) to your owned audience (your email list.)

Once the conversation begins, you can immediately collect customer data.

The chatbots act as virtual assistants, automatically send messages to your potential customers, answering questions about your services.

The same goes for your Facebook page if that's your social media and business choice.

It's mind-blowing.

Not only that, but you'll be increasing engagement via Instagram stories, posts, and DMs, making your content and account grow.

And we all know how important content is for customer engagement.

Bots are flawless social media managers

Your same posts will perform 4-6 times better just by getting customers to comment and engage more with your account in the DMs.

Did I mention you can tailor answers with specific text inputs to FAQs or anything a user asks using AI?

Basically, you're growing your brand, collecting customer data, and making sales, all at the same time.

Now, you don't have to hire a team of live agents to chat with clients. Your Instagram bot will do all the work.

You don't have to think about wasting time answering (the same) questions a user sends.

Your new chatbot employee uses the text input you give when you set it up, responding to every user immediately.

That means customers are getting responses 24/7.

Anything else you could ask for?

In conclusion: ready for your own Instagram chatbot?

Instagram chatbots are perfect for brands seeking to scale, delegate, and make more cash.

Not only are you growing your brand, but you're also reducing customer churn.

You're in constant communication with your audience.

Nurturing your followers is essential for any thriving business. 

And it builds credibility.

Who knew direct messages and automated responses on Instagram would be such a powerful business tool?

I mean... remember when we were posting pictures of our food with an iPhone 4?

That being said.. are you ready to hop onto this next big trend?

It'd be a blast to know your opinion.

Head over to FacebookInstagram, and Youtube to drop a comment and follow for more chatbot content.

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