Top 5 Bot For Sales Benefits for DTC Brands

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A cute robot on an island, counting the money he made for your brand.

We know that creating a "Top 5" list can be a bit tricky. Some people might think that only the number 1 item on the list is important, but not here. No, no, no!

Now, when it comes to chatbots, many folks assume they're only good for customer service.

And sure, that's great and all, but we're talking about the real MVPs of the chatbot world: sales chatbots.

Truth is, to your average muggle, the best sales chatbot tools seem to magically drive qualified leads directly to your e-commerce business (and without having to say Accio revenue!)

And let me tell you, a bot for sales like these ones might not be magical, but they are definitely not one of your average marketing tools that promise the world and ends up delivering nothing.

Oh no, they're the real deal. You gotta take a good hard look at all their benefits because, trust me, all of them are worth witnessing.

We could sit with you all day telling endless, albeit engaging chatbot stories.

But what we want to do in this blog is show you how these AI sales chatbots and rule-based chatbot funnels can revolutionize your revenue growth, keep your existing customers happy, streamline your sales process, and save you money on customer support faster than you can say "sales chatbot platform."

So, let's get down to business and present to you the 5 chatbot benefits that will change your life. Drumroll, please!

1. Capture and engage customers day and night

Let's start by clearing up a big misunderstanding.

Chatbots are hard workers, they don't just activate when potential customers send you a DM over Instagram, they are on a constant, 24/7 watch to interact with them using a bunch of different triggers.

And that's their first advantage, they're like little digital bloodhounds, sniffing out the trail of potential sales inquiries and getting to customers where they live, that is, on their phones infinitely scrolling.

Every time a potential customer:

  • Comments on your organic posts
  • Comments on your lives
  • Replies to your stories
  • Mentions you in their stories
  • DMs your page
  • Clicks on a button on your website
  • Comments on your reels
  • Scans a QR code on your packaging
  • Engages with an influencer that promotes your brand
  • Or clicks on a link in your email/SMS blasts

Holy chatbot, Batman! That's quite a list, huh? These sales chatbots are your own personal army, working tirelessly around the clock to chat up potential leads and close deals.

It doesn't matter if you and your sales team are snoozing, snacking, or doing the Macarena, these chatbots are always on duty, ready to engage with anyone who crosses their path.

But hold on to your digital hats, folks, because there's more!

Imagine potential customers talking to a chatbot that's giving you about as much useful info as a toddler with a toy phone. Yeah, not great.

That's why the next advantage is all about making sure the content your chatbot serves up is top-notch.

2. Lead with value, end in sales

"Lead with value, end in sales" is like the bot for sales version of "Open Sesame" - it unlocks the door to your customer's wallets.

But don't worry, you don't need to get a chest tattoo of it to benefit from it (unless you really want to, no judgment here).

Here's the bottom line to it: your chatbot, through the power of rule-based or even AI-powered conversation, can give your customers something that matters to them every time they interact with them. Content that is highly relevant to their current needs.

And it might seem obvious when you talk about it, but in practice, a lot of brands overlook this crucial fact: you're way more likely to get a higher purchase CVR if your chatbot provides users with useful information or solves their problems.

Conversational chatbots are all well and good, but conversations go nowhere unless the customer perceives them as useful.

Consumers don't want conversations with brands; they want to complete tasks easily and efficiently and feel confident and valued while doing so.

AND THAT is advantage number 2.

Combine it with number one and you have an unstoppable sales chatbot that has the power of a whole team of sales reps, constantly on the lookout for any interaction with your brand and, when it is interacting with customers, can provide useful information and solutions that drive sales and enhance the customer experience.

Three iphones showcasing how the chatbot technology works

3. Keep nurturing them

So, these chatbots are starting to sound pretty great, but does their reach end once a user logs off Instagram or Facebook? Definitely not.

At a minimum, you can sync your chatbot platform with your email service provider to continue nurturing your potential customers through there, sending emails that are created using information collected by the chatbot itself.

So, the moral of this story? These chatbots will help you go multichannel and you 100% should do that.

An iphone showing how chatbots can nurture customers beyond Instagram

Email is a must, but you can also sync it with your SMS service provider, to keep them updated on the maximum possible amount of channels.

Now, I know what you're thinking. "But how do we even get their email or phone number in the first place?"

If you create a funnel that educates and guides users through a series of messages that offer tutorials, tips, discounts, or simply awesome and funny content, your customers will be signing up faster than a squirrel on a birdfeeder.

Trust us, lead with value and they'll follow you anywhere.

4. Offer something new every time

We briefly mentioned this before, let's expand upon it.

Through the power of AI, or simply using the customer information-collecting capabilities of the more basic rule-based chatbots, you can use the information about your users, collected via your funnel, to improve each future interaction they have with your chatbot.

Yeah, you heard me right. The personalization capabilities your chatbot has are out of this world, they can:

  • Design personalized product recommendations
  • Highlight the benefits of your product that will fulfill their needs
  • Address common objections
  • Automate follow-ups to pull customers back into the chat funnel if they don't purchase (or pivot to another offer or even send an expiring discount)

You know how when you work in sales, people's faces and names can get too repetitive and you forget them unless they are regular customers?

Well, chatbots don't have that problem, every customer is unique to them and they never forget what each customer bought, how long ago, and what they showed interest in before.

Yeah I know, it sounds like science fiction, right?

Like maybe when we get to Mars we'll be able to do something like this, but no, Mars colonies might be far away but personalized conversations with chatbots are here, right now.

And they're driving sales like crazy for the few brands that have realized this is the future of ecom sales and are getting into the bandwagon right now.

5. Retargeting like never before

Now picture this.

A potential customer shows interest in your products and puts a bunch into their cart but in the end, fails to checkout. This keeps happening with other customers and it starts to look like an actual problem.

As an ecom manager, what do you do?

Retarget with emails?

Retarget with SMS?

Retarget with ads?

All good ideas, so good in fact that all other ecom brands and their grandmothers are doing it too.

Shoppers are used to being bombarded with information on their emails and phones, and truth is, they've become quite skilled at tuning all that noise out.

However, what if instead of just being bombarded with generic information they are pulled into a meaningful conversation that:

  • Delivers high levels of personalization
  • Provides personalized product recommendations
  • Gives timely reminders that drive action
  • Answers their questions
  • And engages them in a 1-1 conversation with something new to show them every time.

I mean that sounds perfect, right? You could get to them right at the drop-off time, ON their favorite messaging apps, WITH no human support.

This is the retargeting of the future that Instagram DMs and Facebook Messenger AI chat funnels can deliver in the present. And all paired with delicious champagne of saving you tons of money on human sales reps. How about that?

The Verdict

So, in summary, are chatbots the real MVPs of the future of e-commerce sales?

Nope, they're the MVPs of the present! They work harder than a squirrel in a wheel, providing 24/7 interaction, personalized recommendations, and even nurturing potential customers through email and SMS thanks to their multiplatform support, driving sales like crazy AND making the customer journey full of flowers, puppies, and the singing of birds.

AND with their data collection skills, businesses can finally figure out what customers really want (besides free stuff, of course.)

Let's not forget about retargeting - chatbots are like the fastest man alive, swooping in to save the day and recover those abandoned carts faster than a cheetah on Red Bull.

So, this new chatbot-centric ecom reality might hit you like a ton of bricks or might be the pair of AI-enhanced wings you need to soar above the competition. Which one do you prefer?

If you want to take your e-commerce game to the next level, get yourself a chatbot and watch those sales roll in like it's Black Friday every day.

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